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I laughed too loudly at this


I laughed too loudly at this

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I think now I’m officially budgeting my money. I can’t be withdrawing money from my UK account any time soon. I only have like £300 in my Japanese banks. No more impromptu going out to eat (except maybe in campus cafeteria), and getting coffee and donuts at Mister Donuts.

I had to pay first month rent plus deposit today which was about £380. Then paid some water bill which wasn’t too bad, but considering we’ve only been here for 3 weeks, £6 is a bit much right?

Did online shopping at New Look and ASOS too because I really need new clothes but I’m too lazy and poor to buy stuff here. (Snow boots and coat are gonna have to wait.. which it seems like we’ll need in about 2/3 weeks time so… good luck to me) Spent just under 100 on those and  they won’t even arrive until November. ;__;

And that was just today. Oh and then there’s the food shopping I did which I’m hoping will last me at least 2 weeks. Food is expensive when you don’t have a Nectar card that’s linked to your parents’.

Wish I had scholarship now. ;__; 

#i won't go hungry for sure but gonna have to stop spending money on unnecessary tings #talking to myself #talking to myself japan version
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never give up on your dreams

keep sleeping

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The Never Ending List of FMA Funny Moments
↳ 9/∞

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it’s too early for this late night tumblr shit



Oh my god neither of those are dinosaurs and there’s 145 million years separating them both, this post is a palaeontological disaster.

es tut mir leid, freund brontosauras

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1 AM // 1 PM - joint playlists that are appropriate for staying in or staying up

1 AM 

// scar tissue - the red hot chili peppers // everybody’s watching me (uh oh) - the neighbourhood // hannah hunt - vampire weekend // chloroform - phoenix // tessellate - alt-j // honey jars - bryan john appleby // house of cards - radiohead // i cant make you love me - bon iver // patient love - passenger // breezeblocks - alt-j // ruby - foster the people // run into flowers - m83 //

1 PM

// safe and sound - capital cities // do you want it all - two door cinema club // chocolate - the 1975 // pompeii - bastille // everlasting arms - vampire weekend // life on the nickel - foster the people // awkward - sancisco // time wont let me go - the bravery // fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys // i got - young the giant // ivy and gold - bombay bicycle club // lonely boy - the black keys //

click the bold links to listen  (◡‿◡✿)

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ah youre playing persona? i love that game. i love the way they just [clenches fist] own purses

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Girls don’t want boys they want Beverly Katz to be alive.

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Stuff to tell your kids: 


  • When you put earphones (or any wire) in your pocket, there’s a pixie living there that will meddle with the wire and fuck it up on purpose bc that’s what they do so there’s no reason for being mad,

  • Whenever you clean up after them, tell them that it’s the littlefolk living in the house who did it because they HATE having their home messed up and that they’d appreciate it if you didn’t mess up their stuff, so please, make an effort, bc they’re the ones who mess up girls’ hair at night and they’re the ones make squeaky noises at night, BUT THEY’RE NOT EVIL, they’re just there, and if you have smallfolk living in your house, it’s a sign that the house is in good condition (kinda like having spiders means it’s a healthy environment),

  • If they leave clothes lying on the floor, tell them that invisible animals will make it their nests and that they might be very sad if they suddenly find their nest gone bc you cleaned up, so always keep an area of the room for the dirty clothes if you HAVE to throw them on the ground or in a pile (bc piles of clothes are never empty, that way, the invisible animals will always have somewhere to sleep),

  • When they’re afraid at night, tell them that darkness can’t hurt them, bc if they can’t see the monsters, then the monsters can’t see them either (their room is protected by the smallfolk mentioned earlier. AND IF THE KID HAS A PILE OF CLOTHES, the animals all lie somewhere close to bite or snarl at evil spirits and evil doers),

  • Slightly creepy: If you don’t take off your plate and cutlery after eating, or that you don’t throw out the food you haven’t eaten, it’s an omen that invites people who died of starvation to come into your house and help themselves,

  • Slightly creepy : If you don’t turn off the light when you leave a room at night, it invites people who died in the dark because they think it’s their home,

  • Slightly weird: If you don’t cover your mouth when you yawn, it’s the signal to spirits that you’re an available host and they might climb into you that way.

(of course, this works for you as well. Bc we all need a little magic today, and having some pixies living with you to keep you company is always kinda nice.)

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i HATE when i walk into class late and everyone just turns and stares at me like i killed two people when i obviously killed seven

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"I enjoy controlled loneliness. I like wandering around the city alone. I’m not afraid of coming back to an empty flat and lying down in an empty bed. I’m afraid of having no one to miss, of having no one to love." -

Kuba Wojewodzki, Polish journalist and comedian (via timid)


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